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Hear The Cry! - Explore the issues surrounding lesbian-identification and God's better plan for a woman.  There is hope - God can transform a woman's heart and show her the path out of this delusional way of life.  This 190-page book tells the story of Pam Ousley's journey into, through, and out of the lesbian lifestyle and is a tremendous tool for women struggling with unwanted same-gender sexual attraction issues.  It is also invaluable for those who love someone caught up in the deception of lesbian-identification and any Christian wishing to understand and address this deeply complex and misunderstood issue.

Dance to Glorify God - This newest ministry resource is indispensable for anyone attempting to walk away from all sexual sin, including but not limited to, homosexual-identification.

Booklets related to homosexuality, same-sex marriage and children, sexual addiction and pornography, spousal issues, the church response to homosexuality, family/friend response to homosexuality in a loved one are also available:

"The Shattering of Dreams" - This 20-page booklet speaks to the unique issues surrounding the pain felt from the betrayal of an adulterous spouse who turns to someone of his/her same gender!  It offers help to the betrayed spouse in being appropriately aware and also in finding ways to move beyond the associated grief, hurt, and anger.  It neither advocates for separation, divorce, or remaining in the marriage but leads the spouse(s) to Christ for their own answers on a case-by-case basis.

"Understanding the Deception of the Homosexual Identity" - This 40-page booklet addresses the real issues behind how people become mired in the lie-filled life of gay- or lesbian-identification.  Anyone (especially every Christian) who wishes to comprehend the complexities of this delusional life should read this informative booklet.

"Shedding LIGHT on the Secret Sexual Sins" - This 33-page booklet is designed to address the often-ignored and usually misunderstood subjects of sexual addiction and pornography.  The church has been rocked to its foundation by the exposure of too many members and leaders who have struggled in this area.  It is time to lovingly and intelligently address these topics with Christ-like compassion, love, and discipline when necessary.

"Do Not Forget the Children" - This 24-page booklet tackles the deeply controversial issue of gay marriage and children being raised in a predominantly gay- or lesbian-identified family/home.  It also speaks to the children whose parents have proclaimed their homosexual-identification yet do not live with the child.  This issue is becoming more and more important in our society and few are addressing the impact on our children.

"CROSSing the Chasm of Hopelessness" - This 36-page booklet addresses the most loving and yet most Christ-like approach the church can take when facing the issues surrounding the gay- or lesbian-identified person and community as a whole.  Often the church is seen as the enemy and this booklet helps to bridge the vast chasm of hopelessness between the homosexually-identified community and the church while never compromising the truth of the Gospel message that homosexual- or lesbian-identification is sexual sin.

"Standing in the Gap" - This 42-page booklet explores the issues family members and friends face when trying to address the unique challenges of a gay- or lesbian-identified loved one.  You will learn how your reactions can better bridge the gap between you and this loved one.

All the above are available through Bold Appeals Ministry.  Please contact Pam Ousley for more information:  850-459-7303,

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